SmartShades Provide Independence to People With Disabilities

Technology has always been celebrated for its power to help those in need, and people with disabilities are often among the earliest adopters of new tech.

We’ve always known that Smart Shades would form part of an essential suite of technologies adopted by assisted living facilities, and our partnership with Technology for Living (TFL) is a testament to this.

TFL is a non-profit society that supports people with limited mobility and provides them with equal opportunities to maximize their independence. 

We have partnered with TFL to provide their members with access to our shade automation solutions and help their members control the shades in their homes.

We could not be happier contributing to TFL’s noble cause, and invite you to watch this short, heart-warming clip to see how they are changing the lives of people with disabilities.

Our products are making a difference and empowering the lives of these individuals, and TFL had some very nice things to say about our recent partnership.

“As a non-profit organization that provides independent living solutions for people with disabilities, we have found that RYSE SmartShades have really fit our member’s needs.  For our members, RYSE SmartShades are simple to use, either on their smart device or through their voice assistants, but the most important thing about them is that they consistently work.

We have tried other solutions in the past, but have run into installation and connectivity problems.  Not only do our technicians find RYSE simple to install and integrate, but we are finding we receive fewer callbacks from members because they just continue to work.

Finally, RYSE customer service has been extremely helpful and responsive.  We don’t have many questions, but when we do, they are remarkably quick to respond.”

– Wayne Pogue, Biomedical Engineering
   Technology for Living

Interestingly, TFL has tried other solutions in the past, but they’ve chosen to use our SmartShades due to their ease of use and quick install procedures.

We created the RYSE SmartShade to make shade automation affordable and accessible to everyone, and we continue to believe that our products have more mass-market appeal than any other shade automation options.