RYSE Lands Its First Educational Facility Customer

We are excited to announce that we have just signed our first educational facility customer, and we will be delivering 50+ SmartShades along with battery packs and Bluetooth buttons, as part of their active shooter budget.

In the event of an active shooter situation, window shades retrofitted with our technology can be remotely activated by the teachers, providing an immediate barrier between potential harm and the children.

Additionally, the closed shades will make the room dark, giving the appearance of an empty room from the outside. This small but vital measure can buy crucial time for students and staff, enabling them to find safety while authorities respond to the situation.

The reason why our devices are preferred over other options is that motorized shades can malfunction, but other solutions don’t have a manual override. In a worst-case scenario, RYSE SmartShades can quickly be removed so that the shade can be used manually.

While automated window shades alone cannot prevent or eliminate such tragic incidents, we are honored to play a role, no matter how small, in enhancing the overall safety measures within educational environments.