Exciting Updates On SmartShade Production!

Hello again!

For the past few weeks, we’ve been sharing quick but frequent updates on how the production of SmartShade is going over on our Kickstarter campaign.

Today, I wanted to give you a recap of these exciting updates because we are now only days away from beginning the delivery of the early Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and website preorders!

Right near the tail-end of August, the RYSE BatteryPacks had completed production, left our manufacturer’s factory, and made their way to our overseas shipper to be prepared to leave China. Check out the full update and photos from the production line here.

Less than a week later, we received some exciting photos and videos that we got from our SmartShade’s backend assembly line at our production factory in China and found out that the BatteryPacks had actually already made it to the United States and were awaiting customs clearance. Check out the full update. photos, and video here.

And just a few days ago, we learned that the SmartShade units have been completed production!

In addition to this, the majority of the SmartBridges have also completed production and all of the completed SmartShade and SmartBridge units are going to be shipped out to our fulfillment center at the end of this week! Check out the full update and photos here.

If you haven’t yet but would like to place a pre-order yourself at the discounted price, there are still a small number of units available for pre-order that will be included in this batch of shipments: click here to pre-order RYSE SmartShade for 10% off.

Until the next update,

Trung Pham
Founder | CEO