Deep Dive on RYSE, a leading alternative investment publication and investor has just done a deep dive analysis on our investment offering! provides curated investment analysis and recommendations to a group of over 50,000 active investors, and they are even launching their own alternative investment fund. In their operating history they’ve analyzed over 800 deals but only made 111 buy recommendations.

Their deep dive is one of the most detailed that we’ve seen, and I believe it sums up our opportunity exceptionally well.

Among the factors that they like about our company, they mentioned our patents, our company’s uniqueness, our high growth industry, and the potential for our company to be acquired.

We also sat down with their author and podcaster, Horacio, for an interview that can be found on YouTube and Spotify.

So far, we’ve seen an incredible reaction from their investor community, and you can find the full report from at the bottom of this email. 

Please note that the views and opinions expressed by do not necessarily reflect our views and opinions.

RYSE Deal Report Feature

Private investment deals are becoming more and more accessible to everyday investors, but analyst coverage of these opportunities is lagging behind that of public investments.

Our investment administrator, DealMaker, is attempting to bridge this gap with their newly launched newsletter called Deal Report.

Notably, the growing popularity of our new, $1/share round has secured RYSE a placement in their premium newsletter, and we are the FIRST company to be featured to their readers!

As Deal Report has put it, “once a company goes public, the largest gains are in the rearview mirror,” and with the launch of our new fundraising round, we want to provide every-day investors access to our investment opportunity.

Take a look at their preview of our deal!

RYSE Featured in Angels & Entrepreneurs

Recently, I was interviewed by Angels and Entrepreneurs, the largest network of angel investors in the US, with over 90,000 members that have helped raise over $163M for startups. The interview was conducted by none other than Daymond John, one of the original Sharks on the hit business show, Shark Tank

Himself an entrepreneur, Daymond founded FUBU, an apparels company that has earned over $6B in global sales, and remains an active panelist on Shark Tank to this day. Promoting RYSE to the his large group of angel investors is a pivotal achievement for our company that could lead to significant investment and growth in the future.

While the interview is not publicly available, you can sign up for the A&E network to watch the interview and read the report and analysis that they conducted on RYSE.