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What sets RYSE apart from the competition?

There are established companies that have been selling automated shades for over a decade, yet the adoption of these products has been extremely sluggish, lagging behind other smart-home devices like doorbell cameras, smart-thermostats and robot vacuum cleaners.

Our analysis of the market has identified two reasons why: cost and convenience.


Existing solutions are extremely expensive, and unaffordable for the average household or business that needs to automate hundreds/thousands of shades.


Existing solutions have complex installation procedures requiring the removal of existing window shades and installation of new, custom shades that fit the specified needs/measurements of each window.

We have eliminated both barriers, with an affordable automation solution that is installed on existing window shades, and we have the patents to own this market.

US, 9,670,723 B2



Our first patent, and one of our most important, AXIS0002A-US covers our core product. Specifically, it outlines a drive system for use with a window covering system to open and close said window covering, consisting of a motor, gear assembly and driven wheel, housing and variable-height mourning adjustment.

The patent covers the control of a continuous cord loop (CCL), beaded chain or rope/pully and a system to calculate the top and bottom position of the shade. The drive system can be operated with electric power, and controlled via

  • Machine-control state (i.e. schedule/automation)
  • User-control state (i.e. buttons, mobile control)
  • Manual-operation state (i.e. pulling the chain)

US,10,494,863 B2

Reference: AXIS0002A-US-CON


AXIS0002A-US-CON is a continuation patent, based on the description and abstract in AXIS0002A-US. The patent covers the ability for the drive system to communicate with building automation systems, smart home hubs and to receive automation commands.

The patent details that the device receives inputs via wireless network communication using one or more of the wireless communication protocols Bluetooth, Wifi, Z-Wave,m Zigbee and THREAD.

Among other things, it also covers general automations to control light and privacy and motion sensor automation.

US 10,104,997 B2

Reference: AXIS0004-US


Along with the technical attributes outlined in our previous patents, AXIS0004-US covers having physical buttons to control the device, and any input-output control interface on the device.

It also includes protection for control functions that enables users to calibrate the top-and-bottom positions of the window covering.

The patent covers a “group control” functionality to control multiple shade motors from a single device, and an LED light touch strip with multiple gestures for control.

US 10,863,846 B2

Reference: AXIS0004-US-CIP


This is a continuation-in-part patent that covers our innovation in sensors and automation. Smart-home products excel when they take full advantage of the information in their surrounding environments, and Smart Shades are no different.

The patent covers the use and implementation of automations based on sensory data including motion sensors, lighting and temperature sensors and glare control for optimal shade positioning during the day.

Automation based on weather data is also covered under the patent.

US 11,178,992 B2

Reference: AXIS0004-US-CON


AXIS0004-US-CON is a continuation patent that provides additional coverage over control capabilities.

Technological improvements were made to measure the current draw, to determine if shade is opening or closing and detect obstacles by measuring current and a spike in the current. Along with improvements to our touch interface and gesture control, the device can now feature pre-set levels of openness via the on-device buttons.

The patent also covers the ability for the unit to detect the relative window shade position based on a set top and bottom position.

US 11,272,802 B2

Reference: AXIS0004-US-CIPDC


Featuring our most recent innovations, the claims on our continuation-in-part patent AXIS0004-US-CIPDC are focused primarily on mobile applications and speed settings.

Mobile app control is integral to the efficient use of smart-home products, and this patent provides protection for mobile app and GUI control of the SmartShade, setting the type of window shade through the mobile application and in-app buttons for various positions of the window shade.

Acceleration and deceleration of the motor during operation to reduce wear-and-tear on beaded chains, along with the capability to adjust speed settings via the mobile app is also covered under the patent.