Sold Over 50,000 Devices to Residential & Commercial Customers

Play WorkPlaceOne

  • Co-working Company with 6 locations in Toronto, Ontario
  • Piloting in 51 Wolseley St, in a 14,000 sq. ft building with 55 windows across 5 floors
Play ANNEX Hotel (Pilot)

  • 15,000 sq, ft. hotel with 120 windows over 24 rooms
  • Developing 5 hotels across Canada
  • Access to LPs other real state properties
Play Eureka Hub (Pilot)

  • Eureka Hub: 4-Floor co-working space with 100 windows
  • Portolio of commercial offices, retail & mixed used properties with a focus on retrofitting older assets, across North America & Europe
Play The Avery SF (Completed)

In 2019, RYSE partnered with The Avery, a 56-story residential tower in San Francisco, to deploy their first generation SmartShades across 100 units in the building to meet ‘Americans with Disabilities Act’ (ADA) regulations.