Partner Testimonials

Ryan Killeen

“RYSE will allow our guests to enjoy a higher quality of life from the moment they wake up to sunshine in the morning, to when they go to sleep in the privacy of darkness. Our guests will be easily able to control their shades from the comfort of their beds through our iPads while watching Netflix.

We are also a hotel that thinks about the environment and how we can reduce our carbon footprint. That’s why RYSE is a great addition to the annex.”

– Ryan Killeen, Annex Hotel

Peter Polydor

“We’re constantly looking for ways to improve our properties by morphing them into spaces that our companies truly love to experience. By allowing us to convert our normal window shades into automated ones, we can do just that with RYSE.

Features like scheduling, on-device controls and integration with a Building Automation System allow us to modernize our buildings in a way that both our investors, guests, and companies will love. RYSE will help us in our goal to breathe new life into our buildings and its communities.”

– Peter Polydor, Ergo Properties

Common Investments + Perks

Investments over $1,500 will receive the following perks. All perks will automatically be recorded and assigned to each investor following the close of the round, without any further action required.

  • 1 RYSE

Cash Value: $150

  • 1 RYSE + Battery
  • 1 SmartBridge

Cash Value: $250

  • 2 RYSE + Battery
  • 1 SmartBridge

Cash Value: $450

  • 4 RYSE + Battery
  • 1 SmartBridge
  • 10% Lifetime Discount

Cash Value: $850

  • 10 RYSE + Battery
  • 1 SmartBridge
  • 15% Lifetime Discount
  • Quarterly Calls

Cash Value: $2050

  • 20 RYSE + Battery
  • 1 SmartBridge
  • 20% Lifetime Discount
  • Quarterly Calls
  • Lunch with CEO

Cash Value: $4050