Our Leadership

A dynamic team of 16 full-time members with a passion for the “Internet-of-Things”

Trung Pham
CEO & Co-Founder
Trung Pham LinkedIn

Former financial advisor and serial entrepreneur

Manu Menon
Manu Menon LinkedIn

Former investment banker (Citi) & private equity associate (Paine & Partners)

Marc Bishara
Marc Bishara LinkedIn

Expertise in mechatronics engineering, with multiple hardware-focused roles at Canadian tech startups

Alan Cheng
Alan Cheng LinkedIn

Former UX/UI designer (Corel) with expertise in industrial design

Luiz Márquez
Product Engineer
Luiz Márquez LinkedIn

Former QA for Bombardier, now leads manufacturing for RYSE with China

Jakub Ostapinski
Head of Software
Jakub Ostapinski LinkedIn

Product manager for software at RYSE