• RYSE Raised Over $3 Million in Phase One of Community Round

    We are excited to announce that we have raised over $3.5M this past year from hundreds of investors!

    When we launched our $1/share Community Round, our primary objective was to raise capital in order to scale our distribution into retail, and we are proud to say that later this year we will have achieved this goal.

    While acquiring a retail distribution deal is often the most difficult step, we also recognize that scaling retail sales volumes is no walk in the park.

    To achieve our goal of making RYSE synonymous with SmartShades, we must continue to invest in sales, marketing and R&D for new products.

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  • Webinar: RYSE Discusses The Patents That Make It a Strong Acquisition Target

    On July 19th, 2023 RYSE hosted a webinar for all shareholders and potential investors to discuss the 7 powerful patents that they currently hold on their technology. Trung does a deep dive on the patents and the importance they hold for the future of the company, specifically why they make RYSE a strong candidate as an acquisition target.

    In the webinar some of the topics discussed include:

    • What Intellectual Property do we hold that makes us different from the competition and an attractive target for an acquisition?
    • What role do patents play in the acquisitions of startups?
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  • RYSE Lands Its First Educational Facility Customer

    We are excited to announce that we have just signed our first educational facility customer, and we will be delivering 50+ SmartShades along with battery packs and Bluetooth buttons, as part of their active shooter budget.

    In the event of an active shooter situation, window shades retrofitted with our technology can be remotely activated by the teachers, providing an immediate barrier between potential harm and the children.

    Additionally, the closed shades will make the room dark, giving the appearance of an empty room from the outside. This small but vital measure can buy crucial time for students and staff, enabling them to find safety while authorities respond to the situation.

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