Check Out My Pitch From The Pitch Perfect Event

A few weeks ago I participated in FrontFundr’s Pitch Perfect event, to pitch RYSE to interested investors.

The event was very successful, and I got the chance to speak to specific investor questions including market drivers, features, new versions, competitors, patents, and more. 

In FrontFunder’s words, “It seems like all the conditions are right in terms of technological advances, regulations, and consumer demand for RYSE.” 

If you’re interested in learning more and listening to my pitch, then click play below! 👇

I went first, so you won’t need to scrub through the video to find my pitch.

Also, if you’d like to experience one of my pitches live and get to participate in the Q&A afterward, sign up for one of our upcoming webinars today.

Until the next update,

Trung Pham
Founder | CEO

Common Investments + Perks

Investments over $2,500 will receive the following perks. All perks will automatically be recorded and assigned to each investor following the close of the round, without any further action required.

  • 1 RYSE

Cash Value: $150

  • 1 RYSE + Battery
  • 1 SmartBridge

Cash Value: $250

  • 2 RYSE + Battery
  • 1 SmartBridge

Cash Value: $450

  • 4 RYSE + Battery
  • 1 SmartBridge
  • 10% Lifetime Discount

Cash Value: $850

  • 10 RYSE + Battery
  • 1 SmartBridge
  • 15% Lifetime Discount

Cash Value: $2050

  • 20 RYSE + Battery
  • 1 SmartBridge
  • 20% Lifetime Discount

Cash Value: $4050