Co-working space adopts new smart-home technology from RYSE

Co-working space adopts new smart-home technology from RYSE to increase comfort and energy efficiency.

TORONTO, Nov. 15, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — WorkPlace One, a company that provides co-working spaces and offices for remote workers and entrepreneurs, is the latest commercial client to be satisfied and impressed with RYSE SmartShade technology.

“I was immediately impressed with RYSE and their SmartShade device, as well as its software automation capabilities in providing energy savings and improving the comfort of our occupants,” said Operations Manager, Adrian Wong. “Our members have often complained about extreme heat gains due to the window shades being left open during the day. RYSE SmartShade is being installed in our windows, and automated to reduce solar heat gain, harvest daylight, and save energy while improving the overall comfort of our co-working companies.”

SmartShade was created so customers could motorize their existing window shades, transforming them into something more convenient and comfortable. SmartShade can be controlled by a mobile app or the device on the shade. Installation takes less than five minutes and the device lifts window shades regardless of size or weight.

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About RYSE

RYSE Inc. is a global provider of technology that helps solve the problem of wasted energy in homes and buildings by simply automating window shades. Their solutions provide comfort and convenience to the masses and independent living to the growing aging population and the disabled. Learn more at


Trung Pham, Founder & CEO
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RYSE Lands $1 Million Private Investment

We have just reached a major milestone in our fundraising journey!

A private investor has recently invested $1,000,000 in RYSE, putting us closer to our fundraising goal in our current $1/share round.

We are inching closer and closer to our goal of making RYSE synonymous with smart shades.

While competitors are spending time developing  expensive technologies targeted towards wealthy consumers, we are focused on automating all existing manual window shades with products that are accessible, affordable and easy to install!

Former COO of window shades giant, Somfy, joins RYSE

Former COO of window shades giant, Somfy, joins RYSE: a startup disrupting the smart shades segment of the smart home industry.

TORONTO, Nov. 09, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — RYSE Inc., a global provider of technology that helps solve the problem of wasted energy in homes and buildings by simply automating window shades, announced the appointment of a new advisory board member, Tom Murphy.

“After hearing from past customers and partners in our industry, one common thread was how expensive motorized shades were. When RYSE founder, Trung Pham, introduced me to the RYSE SmartShade, I was immediately impressed by how easy it was to install and set up, and its potential to be sold into homes and buildings with manually installed window shades. With only 5-7% of shades ever motorized, I believe RYSE has an enormous market opportunity to distribute their SmartShades,” said Murphy.

Murphy is the former Chief Operating Officer at Somfy N.A., a French, publicly traded company that invented motorized shades and has a market cap reaching $6 Billion Euros. Somfy is also the largest global manufacturer of motors for window shades and awnings.

Prior to his time at Somfy, Murphy also held high-ranking positions at Lutron, a leader in lighting controls, and another market leader for custom motorized shade installations. Combined, he has over 16 years of experience in the shade automation industry.

Murphy will hold a pivotal position in guiding RYSE strategically and making key introductions to contacts in the window-covering industry. Murphy joins the advisory board during a time of progression and preparation as the team works toward its goal of making RYSE synonymous with SmartShades.

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About RYSE:

RYSE Inc. is a global provider of technology that helps solve the problem of wasted energy in homes and buildings by simply automating window shades. Their solutions provide comfort and convenience to the masses and independent living to the growing aging population and the disabled. Learn more at


Trung Pham, Founder & CEO
E-mail: [email protected]
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SmartShades Provide Independence to People With Disabilities

Technology has always been celebrated for its power to help those in need, and people with disabilities are often among the earliest adopters of new tech.

We’ve always known that Smart Shades would form part of an essential suite of technologies adopted by assisted living facilities, and our partnership with Technology for Living (TFL) is a testament to this.

TFL is a non-profit society that supports people with limited mobility and provides them with equal opportunities to maximize their independence. 

We have partnered with TFL to provide their members with access to our shade automation solutions and help their members control the shades in their homes.

We could not be happier contributing to TFL’s noble cause, and invite you to watch this short, heart-warming clip to see how they are changing the lives of people with disabilities.

Our products are making a difference and empowering the lives of these individuals, and TFL had some very nice things to say about our recent partnership.

“As a non-profit organization that provides independent living solutions for people with disabilities, we have found that RYSE SmartShades have really fit our member’s needs.  For our members, RYSE SmartShades are simple to use, either on their smart device or through their voice assistants, but the most important thing about them is that they consistently work.

We have tried other solutions in the past, but have run into installation and connectivity problems.  Not only do our technicians find RYSE simple to install and integrate, but we are finding we receive fewer callbacks from members because they just continue to work.

Finally, RYSE customer service has been extremely helpful and responsive.  We don’t have many questions, but when we do, they are remarkably quick to respond.”

– Wayne Pogue, Biomedical Engineering
   Technology for Living

Interestingly, TFL has tried other solutions in the past, but they’ve chosen to use our SmartShades due to their ease of use and quick install procedures.

We created the RYSE SmartShade to make shade automation affordable and accessible to everyone, and we continue to believe that our products have more mass-market appeal than any other shade automation options. Deep Dive on RYSE, a leading alternative investment publication and investor has just done a deep dive analysis on our investment offering! provides curated investment analysis and recommendations to a group of over 50,000 active investors, and they are even launching their own alternative investment fund. In their operating history they’ve analyzed over 800 deals but only made 111 buy recommendations.

Their deep dive is one of the most detailed that we’ve seen, and I believe it sums up our opportunity exceptionally well.

Among the factors that they like about our company, they mentioned our patents, our company’s uniqueness, our high growth industry, and the potential for our company to be acquired.

We also sat down with their author and podcaster, Horacio, for an interview that can be found on YouTube and Spotify.

So far, we’ve seen an incredible reaction from their investor community, and you can find the full report from at the bottom of this email. 

Please note that the views and opinions expressed by do not necessarily reflect our views and opinions.

Recent Acquisitions and Consolidation in the Smart Home Industry

Amazon recently announced their acquisition of iRobot for $1.7 billion!

There’s been a lot of consolidation in the smart-home industry, but the industry is still very fragmented. Big names have begun strengthening their offerings by acquiring smaller companies with deep expertise – companies like ours.

A study of mergers and acquisitions by the Harvard Business Review also shows that industries follow a 25 year cycle, evolving from an industry concentration of under 20% to over 70% upon reaching maturity.

Here are some of the hundreds of acquisitions that have occurred in our space from 2013-2017.

Recent acquisition activity supports this theory, and we expect increased M&A activity as the industry continues to mature.

  • Amazon set to acquire iRobot for $61 per share in an all-cash transaction valued at approximately $1.7 billion.
  • Generac Holdings, a leading global designer and manufacturer of energy technology solutions acquired Ecobee in a transaction valued up to $770M.
  • Assa Abloy purchases 54% of Swiss-based agta – one of the world’s leading manufacturers of automatic door systems – for $570M.

Backed by the strength of our patents and growing revenues, we may soon become a prime candidate and entry point into the automated window shades market for one of these acquirers.

RYSE Deal Report Feature

Private investment deals are becoming more and more accessible to everyday investors, but analyst coverage of these opportunities is lagging behind that of public investments.

Our investment administrator, DealMaker, is attempting to bridge this gap with their newly launched newsletter called Deal Report.

Notably, the growing popularity of our new, $1/share round has secured RYSE a placement in their premium newsletter, and we are the FIRST company to be featured to their readers!

As Deal Report has put it, “once a company goes public, the largest gains are in the rearview mirror,” and with the launch of our new fundraising round, we want to provide every-day investors access to our investment opportunity.

Take a look at their preview of our deal!

RYSE Declared Best Window Shade Automation Solution

When it comes to window shade automation, we firmly believe that we have the most effective products, and our recent recognition as the best solution in the category of window shade automation by the World Future Awards has reinforced our beliefs.

World Future Awards is a global award that selects and recognizes the best products that will transform the global economy. Upon announcing our win, they reported that, “controlling the position of shades manually is not convenient, and replacing them with new motorized shades is an exceptionally expensive procedure. The solution to this problem is the RYSE SmartShade.Here is a link to the announcement.

Participants and winners of these awards range from major market players to small and highly specialized start-ups like ours:

RYSE CEO, Trung Pham & Deal Report Webinar

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The RYSE SmartShade featured on live TV!

WISH-TV, a television station in Indianapolis showcased our product during a lifestyle segment on their station called The Gadget Guy.

“A lot of SmartShades cost like $10,000, but this is a nice little solution for a lot less money.” 

It seems that our strategy of making smart shades affordable for the mass market is resonating with consumers.