RYSE in Bed Bath & Beyond

I am very excited to announce that RYSE is now an approved vendor with Bed Bath & Beyond, with our products now selling through their online store.

Bed Bath & Beyond is one of the largest retail chains for home goods, operating a total of 953 stores that have generated over $7.8B in revenue during the last fiscal year. Selling our products through their online channel is expected to drive significant online sales growth for our company. We also see this as the beginning of a long partnership that will lead to us selling through their physical retail stores.

Having our products listed in their catalog is a stamp of approval, and we will leverage our relationship with Bed Bath & Beyond when pursuing distribution deals with other retailers.

RYSE Featured in Angels & Entrepreneurs

Recently, I was interviewed by Angels and Entrepreneurs, the largest network of angel investors in the US, with over 90,000 members that have helped raise over $163M for startups. The interview was conducted by none other than Daymond John, one of the original Sharks on the hit business show, Shark Tank

Himself an entrepreneur, Daymond founded FUBU, an apparels company that has earned over $6B in global sales, and remains an active panelist on Shark Tank to this day. Promoting RYSE to the his large group of angel investors is a pivotal achievement for our company that could lead to significant investment and growth in the future.

While the interview is not publicly available, you can sign up for the A&E network to watch the interview and read the report and analysis that they conducted on RYSE.

Recent RYSE Interviews & Independent Product Review

I’m happy to announce that I was recently interviewed by Benzinga – the well-known provider of financial news – and presented our investment proposition to their followers. You can watch a recording of the interview below:

Here is another interview with Benzinga from back in October where I provide some background on how we got started and address some key questions that investors often ask.

Additionally, our RYSE SmartShade was recently reviewed by Ausdroid, Australia’s award-winning independent media outlet covering all things mobile and personal technology. The reviewer brought up a great question I often receive from investors: why isn’t the RYSE SmartShade compatible with the Zigbee protocol often used for smart-home devices?

What many don’t know is that our previous generation device – the AXIS Gear – was ZigBee compatible, and we found the costly and time-consuming process of building ZigBee integrations to produce very modest returns for our company.

For now, we are opting with the seamless API integrations of Google Home, Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit, but have designed the SmartShade so that we can modify the firmware/module for ZigBee compatibility, should we deem it necessary.


RYSE SmartShade Launch – Initial Response

As you know, we recently launched our second generation device, the RYSE SmartShade. The product offers significant improvements over our first generation SmartShade and the press has taken notice.

Digital Trends and Gadget Voize recently featured articles explaining the simplicity, usefulness and affordability of the RYSE SmartShade –  the advantages of purchasing a retro-fit device as opposed to the existing solutions on the market!

HiddenWires – an essential source of information for custom installers and residential technology suppliers – also reported that we have already sold 2,000 units and are preparing for international shipment in 2022. At our current pace, we will sell out of our second batch of units by the end of the holiday season!

For those interested in hearing more about my journey and some insights regarding the future of the Smart Home industry, I was recently interviewed by Authority Magazine. I am confident that the Smart Home industry will continue to grow at record pace, with the key drivers of growth being energy savings and home automation.





RYSE Mentioned by Business Insider!

Business Insider recently published an article on Daniel Chan, a ‘magician’ investor that has recently joined RYSE.

Daniel is a successful investor and big proponent of Warren Buffet’s tried and true method of buying what you know, and his portfolio reflects that. He has earned a 258% return over the last five years –outperforming the S&P 500 by more than 100%. What’s even more astonishing, is that Daniel’s full-time job is being a magician who performs for many of the companies that he invests in!

More recently he’s invested in a series of companies on WeFunder and StartEngine, one of them being RYSE. He cites “a big moat and barriers to entry” as motivations behind some of his startup investments, and we are grateful for his decision to add RYSE to his out-performing portfolio of investments.

Daniel Chan earned $343,000 while trading stocks over 5 years. He breaks down his winning strategy and the lessons he learned after a mistimed trade cost him millions.

Big News in the Smart Home Space!

I am pleased to announce that Generac Holdings is acquiring Toronto based smart thermostat startup Ecobee for $770 million USD

Ecobee is a pioneer in the smart thermostat market and has engineered solutions that optimize heating and cooling systems to deliver energy savings for homeowners.

They faced grueling competition from companies like Google/Nest, Honeywell, Bosch, and Mysa (who also just raised $20M from VCs), yet still captured a significant portion of the market and attracted the attention of energy technology solutions behemoth, Generac Holdings.

It’s hard not to draw parallels between what Ecobee has accomplished in the smart thermostat space, and what RYSE is setting out to acheive with SmartShades. Like Ecobee’s smart thermostat, the RYSE SmartShade offers convenience and comfort via voice control, scheduling options, integrability with smart home systems, and savings on energy costs.

Unlike Ecobee however, RYSE has the advantage of no direct competitors in the retrofit SmartShades market, and the ability to sell into any real estate asset class, from residential to commercial buildings – there are a lot of windows out there!

The smart buildings space is notorious for high mergers and acquisitions activity – Business Wire (a Berkshire Hathaway company) reported a whopping 232 acquisitions in 2019 and 226 in 2018!

With patented technologies that address a fast growing segment of the smart building industry, we continue to believe that RYSE will become an attractive acquisition target in the future.




RYSE Featured In Benzinga!

Hello again!

I’m very proud to let you know that RYSE has been featured not once but twice in Benzinga over the last 7 days.

Benzinga is a website that aims to be a one-stop shop for investors of all stripes and styles while making the path to financial prosperity easier for everyone, every day.

Check out the links below to read more:

A More Efficient Home: How Smart Devices are Helping Make Greener Houses

Benzinga – October 12, 2021

Explosive Growth: Smart Homes and the Internet-of-Things

Benzinga – October 7, 2021

More Press & Media

Also – be sure to view all our previous press mentions by clicking the button below:

Until the next update,

Trung Pham
Founder | CEO

Exciting Updates On SmartShade Production!

Hello again!

For the past few weeks, we’ve been sharing quick but frequent updates on how the production of SmartShade is going over on our Kickstarter campaign.

Today, I wanted to give you a recap of these exciting updates because we are now only days away from beginning the delivery of the early Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and website preorders!

Right near the tail-end of August, the RYSE BatteryPacks had completed production, left our manufacturer’s factory, and made their way to our overseas shipper to be prepared to leave China. Check out the full update and photos from the production line here.

Less than a week later, we received some exciting photos and videos that we got from our SmartShade’s backend assembly line at our production factory in China and found out that the BatteryPacks had actually already made it to the United States and were awaiting customs clearance. Check out the full update. photos, and video here.

And just a few days ago, we learned that the SmartShade units have been completed production!

In addition to this, the majority of the SmartBridges have also completed production and all of the completed SmartShade and SmartBridge units are going to be shipped out to our fulfillment center at the end of this week! Check out the full update and photos here.

If you haven’t yet but would like to place a pre-order yourself at the discounted price, there are still a small number of units available for pre-order that will be included in this batch of shipments: click here to pre-order RYSE SmartShade for 10% off.

Until the next update,

Trung Pham
Founder | CEO

Updates To Our Investor Perks & Rewards

Hello again!

I wanted to provide a quick update to let you know that we’ve updated the investor perks & rewards by lowering the minimum investment requirement for the highest tier perk as well as adding in perk at the $1,500 investment level.

We’ve made these changes because we want our investors to have access to the amazing technology found in RYSE SmartShades.

Take a look at the updated Investor Perks & Rewards below:

All perks will automatically be recorded and assigned to each investor following the close of the round, without any further action required to you, so head over to our equity crowdfunding campaign on our website (or on FrontFundr for Canadian investors) to invest in RYSE today.

Until the next update,

Trung Pham
Founder | CEO

RYSE SmartShade Ships Next Month!


I wanted to take a moment to let you know about some very exciting news.

On behalf of the team at RYSE, I’m very happy to let you know that in September, the first batch of RYSE SmartShade orders is going to begin shipping to Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and Pre-Order customers.

It’s been an exciting journey so far and bringing this first product to market is another exciting step for our ambitious company.

If you haven’t yet but would like to place a pre-order yourself, there are still a small number of units available for pre-order that will be included in this batch of shipments.

Click here to pre-order RYSE SmartShade.

Until the next update,

Trung Pham
RYSE Founder | CEO