Ask our CEO

  • How you came up with the idea?
  • Why do you think Smart Shades are the next big thing in the smart home industry?
  • Aside from offering convenience, what other benefits are there to smart shades?
  • How does SmartShade differ from the competition, and what’s stopping another company from copying you?
  • Does RYSE have any other products on the horizon?
  • Can you explain to investors exactly what RYSE’s strategy for dominance is?
  • Can you share some of your traction selling into these markets?

  • How will the current fundraise help you achieve your strategic goals?
  • How does this round differ from your prior fundraising rounds?
  • Are there any prior success stories from this industry?
  • Do you believe that you will follow a similar path by being acquired by a larger company?
  • Are there any companies that you believe would be interested in acquiring RYSE in the future?
  • Would you consider listing the company on a national exchange via an IPO?
  • If I’m an investor and I want to join RYSE on the journey, how can I go about making an investment?